Design is about captivating, not just being cool. Exubra’s expert Inbound Marketing Design and Branding specialists know how to create a look that pays off.


Content is king in inbound marketing, and right at the heart of your content is its brand and design

While we might know our organisation’s brand values, the way we express them as part of an inbound marketing strategy often comes down to design. From your website to blogs and emails, strong visual design is a huge part of getting the client experience exactly right. It isn’t about just making your inbound marketing assets ‘look nice’. You will want to keep your buyers in mind throughout the design and branding process. The Exubra team understands how to make assets conversion focused, nurturing and guiding visitors through the customer journey.

Our inbound marketing design team is able to create each marketing asset you will use for your campaigns. We are experts at both adapting existing design templates and creating new templates that exhibit your brand characteristics from scratch.

Ready for a refresh? If you feel your existing design and brand themes might be getting stale or are not having the impact you want, we are able make the design changes which allow your branding to chime with your target audience.

How Exubra Can Shape Your Inbound Marketing Design

Branding and Style Guide

We believe in consistent branding that extends across every visitor touch point along your sales funnel. We can create a branding and style guide that represents your brand values faithfully, or we can use an existing guide and incorporate it with your digital assets.

Web Page Template Design

Our web page templates ensure you keep your website consistent, offering impactful design on all areas of your website address. We keep in mind both visual effect and the importance of guiding conversions in every element of the design process, ensuring that your website is the powerful marketing tool it should be.

Blog Template Design

If you want to engage prospects via your blog, you can benefit from providing an easy pathway to other areas of your website. Our blog design templates allow your visitors to consume content as easily as possible, encourage sharing across social media, push subscriptions and followings, and smooth the customer journey by directing naturally to other areas of your site.

Landing Page Template Design

Good design is conducive to effective landing pages, and our landing page templates follow a carefully mapped out series of best practices. These best practices ensure that elements such as placement, headlines, benefits, forms, calls to action and rich content such as videos are in exactly the right place to make their desired impact.

Email Template Design

Emails offer you a small window through which to grab prospects’ attention. For this reason, design and layout is crucial, and our email templates can get your recipients reading for longer and engaging more. No matter the subject and objective of your email campaign, our templates are designed to boost click throughs and consequent conversions.



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