Branding and Marketing Design for Retail Week Awards Event

Branding and Marketing Design for Retail Week Awards Event


Create2Convert was tasked with developing a cohesive brand identity and marketing design solutions for the prestigious Retail Week Awards event. The challenge was to create a sophisticated and engaging brand identity that resonated with the retail industry and attracted sponsors, finalists, and attendees.


We collaborated closely with Retail Week Awards to deliver a comprehensive branding and marketing design solution:

  • Brand Identity Design:
    • Crafted a modern and prestigious brand identity that reflected the significance of the Retail Week Awards.
    • Designed a new logo that captured the essence of the event and its commitment to excellence in retail.
  • Marketing Design:
    • Developed elegant and informative brochures that highlighted award categories, finalists, and event details.
    • Created promotional materials to attract sponsors and attendees, including banners, flyers, and social media graphics.
    • Designed event signage and graphics that enhanced the event’s atmosphere and maintained brand consistency.


Our collaborative effort resulted in significant outcomes for the Retail Week Awards event:

  • Enhanced Brand Presence:
    • The cohesive brand identity design increased recognition and credibility within the retail industry.
    • Consistent branding across all materials strengthened the Retail Week Awards’ reputation as a leader in retail recognition.
  • Successful Event Promotion:
    • The marketing design effectively promoted the Retail Week Awards and increased attendance and sponsor engagement.
    • Engaging event graphics and signage contributed to a seamless and memorable event experience.
  • Improved Sponsor Engagement:
    • The compelling marketing materials attracted sponsors and provided them with a platform to showcase their support for the retail industry.
    • Professional graphics and promotional items enhanced sponsor visibility and recognition at the event.

This project highlights our expertise in delivering tailored branding and marketing design solutions that elevate event prestige and engagement.


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