Branding and Brochure Design that 'Work Like a Dream' and Drives ROI for Travel Company


Branding and Brochure Design that 'Work Like a Dream' and Drives ROI for Travel Company

Globe Travel Centre is a London-based specialist tour operations company that curates extraordinary travel experiences across the globe.


It all began with designing an 8-page specialist tour brochure for Kerala. Globe Travel needed to establish itself as a professional, high-quality, reputable, and specialist travel agency in competitive markets.


We collaborated closely with Globe Travel Centre to develop a comprehensive set of branding and brochure designs. Our approach included:

  • Crafting bespoke brand identities that reflect professionalism and expertise, including logo design, colour palette, typography, and visual elements.
  • Designing specialist tour brochures and promotional collateral that showcase their unique destinations and travel experiences.
  • Implementing online and digital marketing strategies tailored to their specialist travel centres. This included targeted email campaigns, engaging social media content, and compelling digital advertising.


Our efforts quickly yielded results:

  • Award-winning specialist travel brochures, now the largest in their sector, distinguish Globe Travel Centre as an industry leader.
  • Significant growth in sales year-on-year, driven by our tailored digital solutions and effective brand positioning.


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“Create2Convert works like a dream when it comes to your branding and brochure design requirements. They understand our requirements perfectly and have driven the desired results for our business.”

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Branding and Brochure Design that 'Work Like a Dream' for Globe Travel