Hair Growth Brand Identity, Packaging Design, and e-Commerce website



Create2Convert was engaged by Megi Wellness, an advanced haircare line for thinning hair, to establish its brand identity, packaging design, and e-commerce website. The challenge was to create a cohesive and compelling visual identity that conveyed the brand’s mission and values while highlighting the efficacy of its scientifically backed products. The packaging needed to attract consumers and communicate the benefits of the formulations, and the e-commerce website had to provide a seamless shopping experience.


Create2Convert worked closely with Megi Wellness to develop a comprehensive design solution encompassing branding, packaging, and website development.

  • Brand Identity:
    • Developed a unique and memorable logo that reflects the brand’s advanced and fortifying haircare mission.
    • Selected a sophisticated colour palette and typography that conveys the brand’s commitment to science and efficacy.
    • Created a brand guideline document to ensure consistent application of the brand identity across all touchpoints.
  • Packaging Design:
    • Designed eye-catching and informative packaging that highlights the benefits and innovative ingredients of the haircare products.
    • Used high-quality materials to reflect the premium nature of the formulations.
    • Ensured that the packaging stood out on retail shelves and conveyed a sense of trust and effectiveness.
  • E-commerce Website:
    • Developed a user-friendly e-commerce website that provides a seamless shopping experience.
    • Incorporated features such as detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and a secure checkout process.
      • Optimised the website for mobile devices to cater to a broader audience and ensure accessibility.


The project achieved significant outcomes across all areas:

  • Brand Identity:
    • Established a strong and recognisable brand identity that resonates with the target audience.
    • Enhanced brand recognition and loyalty through consistent and appealing visual elements.
  • Packaging Design:
    • Created packaging that stands out on shelves and effectively communicates the product benefits.
    • Increased consumer trust and interest through high-quality and informative packaging materials.
  • E-commerce Website:
    • Improved user experience and engagement with a modern, easy-to-navigate website.
    • Increased online sales and customer satisfaction due to a seamless and secure shopping process.


Create2Convert’s collaboration with Megi Wellness demonstrates our ability to deliver tailored design solutions that meet the unique needs of advanced haircare brands. By creating a compelling brand identity, attractive packaging, and a user-friendly e-commerce website, we helped Megi Wellness establish a strong market presence and connect effectively with its target audience. This project showcases our expertise in creating impactful design solutions that drive engagement, build brand loyalty, and achieve business success.

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