Logo Design and Brand Identity for Essex Garden Centre


Logo Design and Brand Identity for Essex Garden Centre


Perrywood Garden Centre, an esteemed and award-winning establishment, needed a refreshed and cohesive brand identity. The challenge was to design a contemporary logo and brand identity that would reflect Perrywood’s excellence, appeal to gardening enthusiasts, and stand out in a competitive market.


Create2Convert collaborated closely with Perrywood Garden Centre to develop a comprehensive branding strategy:

  • Logo Design:
    • Crafted a distinctive and modern logo that encapsulated Perrywood Garden Centre’s essence.
    • Integrated natural elements to reflect the centre’s focus and appeal to its target audience.
  • Brand Identity Development:
    • Selected a harmonious colour palette inspired by nature to evoke tranquillity and growth.
    • Chose typography that complemented the logo and conveyed a professional yet welcoming feel.
    • Designed various branded materials, including business cards, signage, and promotional items, for a consistent brand presence.


The new logo and brand identity significantly benefited Perrywood Garden Centre:

  • Enhanced Brand Recognition:
    • The modern and cohesive brand identity increased Perrywood’s visibility and appeal.
    • Consistent branding across all materials strengthened Perrywood’s reputation for quality and excellence.
  • Improved Customer Engagement:
    • The fresh and inviting brand identity attracted new customers and strengthened loyalty among existing ones.
    • Professional branded materials instilled greater confidence, encouraging repeat visits and purchases.
  • Market Differentiation:
    • The distinctive logo and cohesive brand identity set Perrywood Garden Centre apart from competitors.
    • Unique branding helped Perrywood to stand out in a crowded market, appealing to gardening enthusiasts.

This project showcases our ability to deliver tailored and impactful design solutions that elevate brand presence and drive business success.


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