Landscaping the future with logo design and web design for The Pond Specialist



Create2Convert was approached by The Pond Specialist, experts in designing, building, and maintaining ponds and lakes, to create a unique logo identity, develop a user-friendly website, and integrate e-commerce functionality. The challenge was designing a visual identity and website that effectively communicated their expertise and attracted their ideal buyers while enabling them to sell and promote specialist products and solutions for their lake management service.


We collaborated closely with The Pond Specialist to deliver a comprehensive design and ecommerce solution that met their specific needs.

  • Logo Identity:
    • Developed a modern and distinctive logo that captured the essence of The Pond Specialist’s brand.
    • Incorporated elements symbolising nature and water to reflect their pond and lake design and maintenance expertise.
  • Website Design:
    • Created a custom design on the WordPress platform to ensure flexibility and scalability.
    • Designed an intuitive navigation system to make it easy for visitors to explore their services.
  • Ecommerce Integration:
    • Implemented ecommerce functionality to allow The Pond Specialist to sell specialist products and solutions.
    • Developed product pages, shopping carts, and checkout processes to facilitate online transactions.
    • Optimised the e-commerce section for user experience and conversion.


The collaboration resulted in significant benefits for The Pond Specialist:

  • Enhanced Brand Identity:
    • The new logo identity effectively represents the company’s pond and lake design and maintenance expertise.
    • The cohesive branding across the website and logo establishes credibility with their ideal buyers.
  • Improved Online Presence:
    • The custom WordPress website design enhances user experience and increases engagement.
    • Optimised for search engines, the website attracts more visitors interested in pond and lake services.
  • Business Growth:
    • The e-commerce integration allows The Pond Specialist to sell and promote specialist products and solutions.
    • The new website and logo identity contribute to increased inquiries and conversions.


This project exemplifies our ability to deliver tailored design and ecommerce solutions that meet the individual needs of our clients like The Pond Specialist. By creating a professional logo identity and a user-friendly website with e-commerce functionality on the WordPress platform, I helped them enhance their online presence, engage more effectively with their audience, and achieve their business goals.

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