Logo Design for Soft Play Centre

Create 2 Convert-Portfolio-2023-Little-Rascals


Create2Convert partnered with Little Rascals Soft Play Centre to establish a strong and recognisable logo design. The challenge was to create a modern and cohesive visual identity that accurately reflected the centre’s fun and family-friendly atmosphere while building credibility with its audience.


Create2Convert collaborated closely with Little Rascals to develop a comprehensive branding strategy and a suite of marketing materials that captured the essence of their business.

  • Logo Design:
    • Crafted a playful yet professional logo that encapsulated the spirit of Little Rascals and highlighted its unique selling points.
    • Selected vibrant colours, engaging typography, and cheerful graphic elements that aligned with the centre’s values and appeal to children and families.
    • Ensured the logo was versatile for use across various platforms and materials, including digital media and signage.
  • Branded Marketing Materials:
    • Designed a range of marketing materials, such as business cards, brochures, flyers, and social media graphics, to maintain a consistent and inviting visual identity.
    • Developed a brand guideline document to ensure consistency in future marketing efforts and reinforce brand recognition.


The project delivered significant outcomes that strengthened Little Rascals’ market presence:

  • Enhanced Brand Identity:
    • Established a strong and recognisable logo design that resonated with families and children, fostering a sense of trust and engagement.
    • Increased brand visibility and credibility through cohesive visual elements that conveyed the centre’s values and offerings.
  • Marketing Impact:
    • Created cohesive marketing materials that effectively communicated Little Rascals’ services and encouraged customer engagement.
    • Boosted customer interest and enquiries, resulting in increased foot traffic and revenue.


Create2Convert’s partnership with Little Rascals Soft Play Centre exemplifies our ability to deliver compelling design solutions that meet business objectives. By crafting a playful yet professional logo and a suite of branded marketing materials, we helped the centre differentiate itself in the market and achieve significant growth. This project underscores our commitment to helping businesses succeed through innovative and tailored design solutions.


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