Logo and stationery design for internet telephony company


Logo and stationery design for internet telephony company


Velofone, a pioneering internet telephony company, needed a brand identity that would reflect its cutting-edge telecommunications services and establish credibility in a competitive market. They required a logo and stationery design that conveyed professionalism and technological expertise without requiring any major changes to their existing brand elements.


Create2Convert partnered closely with Velofone to develop a comprehensive design solution:

Logo Design:

  • After in-depth consultations to understand Velofone’s brand values and market positioning, we crafted several logo concepts. These focused on modernity and clarity to reflect the company’s advanced telephony solutions.
  • We refined the chosen logo concept through iterative feedback sessions to ensure it aligned perfectly with Velofone’s vision.

Stationery Design:

  • We designed business cards, letterheads, and email signatures that maintained visual consistency with Velofone’s current branding elements.
  • We selected a sophisticated colour palette and typography that reinforced the brand’s professional image and technological focus.
  • We ensured all stationery elements were formatted correctly for both print and digital use.


Our efforts led to significant outcomes for Velofone:

  • Enhanced Brand Identity:
    • The new logo and stationery design strengthened Velofone’s brand identity, reflecting its cutting-edge services.
    • The professional design elements helped to build trust and credibility among clients and stakeholders.
  • Consistent Branding:
    • The stationery design ensured consistent branding across all communication channels.
    • The cohesive visual identity reinforced Velofone’s position as a leader in internet telephony.
  • Positive Reception:
    • Velofone received glowing feedback from employees, customers, and partners regarding the new brand identity and stationery design.
    • The stationery design contributed to improved brand recognition and customer loyalty.

This project demonstrates Create2Convert’s ability to deliver professional logo and stationery design solutions that meet clients’ objectives and enhance their brand presence in the market.


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