Music Meets Brands Conference Logo, Website, and Marketing Design


Create 2 Convert-Portfolio-2023-MMB-Conference


Create2Convert was tasked with developing the logo, website, and marketing design for the Music Meets Brands conference hosted by Music Week. The challenge was creating a compelling identity that resonates with the music industry and brand professionals, enhancing engagement and attendance.


Create2Convert collaborated closely with Music Week to craft a comprehensive design solution that encompassed branding, website development, and marketing design.

  • Branding:
    • Created a distinctive and professional logo that embodies the synergy between music and brands.
    • Selected typography, colour palette, and graphic elements that reflect the dynamic and collaborative nature of the conference.
  • Website:
    • Developed a user-friendly website that serves as a central hub for conference information.
    • It is designed with intuitive navigation and integrated features such as speaker profiles, session schedules, and ticket-purchasing capabilities.
    • Optimised for mobile devices to ensure accessibility for attendees on the go.
  • Marketing Design:
    • Produced eye-catching promotional materials, including social media graphics, email campaigns, and digital advertisements.
    • Created a cohesive marketing strategy to increase visibility and attract a diverse music and brand professionals audience.
    • Designed sponsor packages to generate revenue and support the conference’s financial objectives.


The project achieved significant outcomes across all areas:

  • Branding:
    • The new logo effectively represents the collaboration between music and brands, resonating with the target audience.
    • Consistent use of branding elements strengthened recognition and credibility.
  • Website:
    • Enhanced user experience and engagement through an intuitive and informative interface.
    • Increased ticket sales and registrations due to improved accessibility and functionality.
  • Marketing Design:
    • Increased visibility and engagement across various digital platforms led to increased conference attendance.
    • Successful sponsorship acquisitions contributed to the financial success of the event.


Create2Convert’s collaboration with Music Week on the Music Meets Brands conference demonstrates our ability to deliver tailored design solutions that meet the unique needs of event branding and marketing. By creating a compelling visual identity, user-friendly website, and effective marketing materials, we helped Music Week successfully promote and host a conference that connects music and brand professionals. The project showcases our expertise in creating impactful design solutions that drive engagement, build brand recognition, and achieve business success in the events industry.


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