Powerfull All-in-One Revenue Growth Platform Features

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SharpSpring Revenue Growth Features:

Smart Email, CRM & Marketing Automation Tools

Do you want to consign dull, generic email campaigns to history and reduce the time spent on marketing? By using the Sharpspring Revenue Growth Platform features, you can achieve this goal! Connect with your target audience through customised messaging and automated marketing campaigns which react to how they behave. Track fresh leads after they have engaged, get fully comprehensive analysis every step of the way and send your sales team into action with real-time notifications.

  • Quick Designer for Email Marketing
  • Dynamic Email Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing Template Library
  • Responsive Email Design
  • Create Your Own Email Templates
  • Custom Merge Variables for Personalised Email Marketing
  • HTML Editor
  • Send Test Emails
  • Transformative Email Analytics
  • After-the-Click Behavioural-Based Email Tracking
  • Add Attachments
  • Smart Mails for One-to-One Communication
  • Email Marketing Workflows
  • Automated Trigger Emails

Comprehensive Social Media Management

All businesses use social media now to drive sales, but so many stick to standard posting schedules or publication of new content. Use this next-level revenue growth platform to engage with consumers in a way that is organic and helps clinch sales. Automated workflow tech and the ability to measure the ROI of any social media push helps you to work more effectively. You can even score leads on interactions from social media platforms based on what the user likes, how often they engage with you and more!

  • Manage Social Content in Context
  • Post Instantly or Schedule Ahead
  • Unlimited Profiles, Unlimited Users across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
  • Post Once Across Unlimited Accounts
  • Monitor Conversations That Matter
  • Identify Hot Leads & Brand Advocates
  • Trigger Automations Based on Social Activity
  • Show End-to-End Social ROI

Detect Key Leads and Moments with SharpSpring’s Revenue Growth Platform

Sharpspring’s revenue growth platform features are super powerful and take a visual approach to build your workflow. This software allows you to connect with leads during crucial parts of their journey and synchronise data instantly via automated CRM tech. Multiple buyer profiles can be created for various services/products – this then enables targeted emails to be sent when leads are attached to the buyer profiles you set up. This platform also sends hot leads to you daily, so you can act quickly to turn them into sales.

  • Build Visual Automation Workflows
  • Improve Conversion Rates with Lead Nurturing
  • Focus Your Campaigns with Lead Scoring
  • Supercharge Marketing Automation with Dynamic Lists
  • Create Rich Personas to Tailor Your Campaigns
  • Update Your Team Directly with Email and Text Alerts
  • Keep Leads Hot with Triggers and Filters
  • Pass data to your application, database, or CRM of choice, by simply adding a Postback URL
  • Dynamic Landing Pages for Customised Conversions
  • Automatically follow up with leads that abandon carts via instant email workflows
  • Track Leads Across Multiple Devices
  • Dynamic Email Marketing Automation Services

Convert More Leads with Dynamic Forms

The Sharpspring marketing automation platform enables you to integrate any leads generated straight into it with no fuss. The included editing facility makes it ultra-simple to drag and then place fields for peak workflow. Mapping fields into the platform from third-party or native forms also helps to speed up the process. With an autocomplete function to boost conversion rates, this automated platform offers unrivalled usability.

  • Forms That Look and Feel Like Your Site
  • Integrate Native and Third Party Form Builder Software
  • Custom Fields for Web Form Automation
  • Effortless Drag-and-Drop Interface
  • Web Form Insights and Analytics
  • Automated web form filling to speed up the process for your users
  • Add Webex and GoToWebinar topics to forms to promote, share, and improve web conferences
  • Form automation to share form data with other apps and databases
  • Create Eye-Catching Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Seamless CRM Integration
  • Universal CMS Compatibility
  • Preview WebForms Before Posting
  • Assign Buyer Personas at Form Submission

Built-in CRM and 3rd-Party Integrations

There is no doubt that CRM is critical to bag sales. You can take full advantage of this fact by using the in-built automated marketing and sales CRM or choose to have your third party CRM suite fully integrated instead. Having the freshest information is not a problem as there is instantaneous 2-way sync included. Keeping an eye on your sales pipeline is also simple thanks to the ability to follow opportunities on a macro scale.

  • Speed Up The Buyer’s Journey with Smart Mail
  • Easy Third-Party Integrations with the CRM Platform
  • Custom Deal Stages for Unique Sales Journeys
  • Visualise Success with a Visual Sales Pipeline
  • Empower Your Team with Social Notes
  • Keep Up The Pace with Reminders
  • Get Social – add social links to the CRM
  • Real-Time Lead Scoring
  • Detailed Customer Histories with Life of the Lead
  • Actionable CRM Reports
  • Build The Best CRM Platform for Your Needs
  • Track Touchpoints with Lead Memberships

Create Landing Pages That Convert

Turning a visitor into a genuine lead is vital in marketing. This next-level automated marketing package generates fabulous landing pages and funnels to help.

Using the built-in editing tool, you can come up with landing pages that are powerful, look great and work. If you want to save even more time, there are professional templates included also. A chain of landing pages can be linked together to take leads straight from your site or put any interested parties into the right funnel.

Content is also king when it comes to marketing – but getting unique content to engage your visitors can be tough when handled manually. This automated platform will deliver awesome, unique content to each visitor. All this can be done out of the box and with no need to amend your current site or have any knowledge of coding. And if you are coding-savvy, you can always add your own HTML and CSS code to customise pages even further.

  • Point-and-Click Editor for Instant Landing Pages
  • Personalise Landing Pages with Dynamic Content
  • Design Sales Funnels with the Landing Page Creator
  • Ready-Made, Responsive Landing Page Design
  • Optimise Landing Pages for Any Device
  • Integrate Landing Pages with SharpSpring CRM
  • Track Landing Page Visitors Effortlessly
  • Edit Landing Page Forms Instantly
  • HTML Landing Page Editor for Advanced Customisation

Readable, Actionable, Marketing Reports

Getting actionable insights which are driven by accurate data is vital for any marketing campaign. With the Sharpspring marketing automation platform features, you can select the data which matters most to your business. Bringing these metrics together into a useful report is easy and allows you to explore the ROI of any campaign. It will also give you the ability to dive into offline and online sources for leads while allowing you to share the insights with others in a readable format.

  • Transformative Email Marketing Analytics
  • Campaign Analytics and Tracking
  • Simple Google Ads Integration
  • Marketing Analytics Tools with Behaviour Tracking
  • Multiple Device Tracking and Analytics
  • Campaign Analytics and End-to-End ROI
  • Custom Reports for Campaign Marketing Analytics
  • Form Insights
  • Unlimited Site Tracking
  • Group, ungroup, slice and dice with campaign tagging

All the Integrations You Need

SharpSpring’s API and Zapier connectivity included in this platform allow for simple connections to be made to multiple third-party software providers. Keep management of content up to date, bring third-party or native web forms into play and synchronise information with your own CRM suite. This revenue growth platform is so powerful that you can even put your own brand on emails, notifications and reports. All data is securely stored on the scalable platform itself.

  • Track Leads Across Multiple Devices
  • Universal CMS Compatibility
  • Secure Your Brand with Robust User Roles
  • Seamless Integration for 3rd-Party and Native Forms
  • SharpSpring Developer API
  • Connect Everywhere with Zapier Integrations
  • Run Events with WebEx and GoToWebinar Integrations
  • A Scalable, Secure, Service Automation Platform



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